Top Flirting Tips Everyone Can Use

a coy lookIt comes naturally to some while it fills others with dread. The thought of having to try to be sexy and seductive in order to get someone’s interest and attention is a skill that comes naturally to very few. However, the good news is that with practice, understanding and a little confidence flirting is a skill that everyone can get good at over time.

Here we will talk about some of the key areas to pay attention to when it comes to the subtle art of flirting effectively with the opposite sex.

Be confident

Confidence is a trait that will serve you well in every area of your life so it is certainly worth developing. However, it is very interesting that a person can have tremendous confidence in one area but not another. For example, I use to know a Navy Seal who was as tough as iron and very confident when it came to anything dangerous, but when it came to talking to women he fell apart.

Learning how to develop confidence is beyond the scope of this article, which is why we are referencing a good resource for it here. However, a few techniques you can start to use are as follows:

1. Recall a time (any time) when you were feeling really confident in your life. It may be playing football, taking an exam or giving a presentation. Whatever it is, recall the feeling and see it vividly in your mind. As you see the image of you being confident, allow the feelings of that confidence grow and spread out through your entire body. See a color associated with those feelings and let it build and build. Now practice recalling those positive feelings whenever you need them.

2. See an image of yourself looking powerful and confident and sexy. Now see that image of you growing up fifty feet tall and see yourself glowing with power and confidence. Now turn the image around so you are seeing yourself from the back and in your mind’s eye, see yourself stepping into the powerful image of yourself from the back. As you merge with the powerful self-image, imagine you feel all those feelings of power and confidence coursing through your body.

Eye contact

Using eye contact effectively is very important in flirting. If you are looking away too much it can appear rude and that you may be lacking confidence. Do not be afraid to look the other person int he eye when you are flirting with them.

Another great trick with eye contact is to soften your gaze as you look at them and smile with your eyes like you are really enjoying what you are looking at; them. This is subtly attractive yet powerfully alluring.

Body language

Body language is also another way to portray your confidence. However, also use your body language to stand just ever so slightly inside their personal space so they feel that you are just inside their zone. Once you are there, allow your posture to soften and relax, like you are really enjoying being in their space, look into their eyes and smile with your eyes. Here are some more tips to flirt with your body language.

Use of words

Of course, when we flirt we can also use our words. Using suggestible language to indirectly imply that we may be interested is really a lot of fun for both people and makes us feel that someone really likes us. Voice tone is also really important when it comes to flirting as we can change our tone from a normal tone to a soft tone to a seductive tone at different times during the conversation.

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If you really want to flirt with your partner of potential love interest then show them your romantic side. You can do simple gestures like bringing them a small but meaningful gift, or you can learn a little origami and make them something cute. For more great romantic gesture ideas click here.