Being Romantic With Your Partner

a man offering chocolates as a romantic gesture to his partnerWhen you are in a relationship with someone you truly care for, one of the nicest things is to be romantic and show then romantic gestures of love. This comes naturally to some, while others really need to work at it and find it difficult to be creative. However, creativity is one of the keys to a good romantic life. It can be nice for a woman to receive flowers or chocolates from her man, but this is pretty boring and same old, same old. To keep the romance alive it is also important to plan some nice romantic surprises.

Here in this article, we give you some tips to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to romance.

Love notes in the bathroom mirror

Next time you are in the shower and the bathroom mirror is all steamy, write a love note to your partner and then leave the condensation to fade on its own. the next time your partner steams up the mirror they will see your little note, which should put a smile on their face. Here are more ways you can flirt with your lover.

Romantic origami

The Japanese art of origami is both fascinating and intriguing. Some of the structures can be extremely complex. However, there are also several designs that look really cool and are actually pretty simple to make. One example is the swan. The next time it’s your anniversary or perhaps your partners birthday, you can make several small origami swans, one for each year of their birth, or for each year of your anniversary.

If you want to go an extra step, you can also learn how to make a simple, but effective origami gift box to put them in.

Here is a cool video showing you exactly how to make an origami swan.

A surprise vacation

If your budget stretches to it then why not consider a nice romantic trip for the two of you. A simple weekend getaway will suffice to put a smile on their face. Try to choose either a well known romantic city such as Pris, Rome or Florance, or choose a location that you know your partner has always wanted to visit.

Breakfast in bed

Getting up a little early before your partner to cook them a nice breakfast in bed is also a sweet idea for a romantic gesture. Don’t forget the single red rose on the breakfast tray for some extra points!


If you have a creative side then how about creating your own poem especially for your lover. If your partner is also into literature and culture then they are sure to absolutely love this gesture. If you’ve never written a poem before then here is a great article showing you exactly how to write a love poem.


Giving your partner a nice, soothing massage is an excellent idea, especially if you’ve got a good touch or have some massage skills. If you have never given a massage before then you can learn some simple but effective techniques here.

When giving a romantic massage remember to prepare the room first by turning down the lights and lighting some candles. Also, remember to warm up the room first if you’re going to have your partner naked. For a really sensual couples massage, it is also nice for you to be naked too while you give them the massage. Heating the massage oil and using some essential oils are also good ideas that will make the massage so much more pleasurable and sensual experience. Here are some more romantic ideas for you without having to spend much money.