How To Know If You Are Dating A Real Man

a woman on a date with a manIt is so easy to get into a relationship and not really know the other person too well. This is the reason why it is generally always best to take it slow in the beginning and get to know the person over a little bit of time. This period is often very fun and exciting, especially if the two fo you connect well. However, this is also your chance to assess your new love interest’s character and size them up for a long-term relationship.

One big concern women often have in the beginning is whether the man they are dating is mature enough for them and is in the same place emotionally to pursue the kind of relationship they are wanting.

Here are some tips to tell if he is mature enough for you.

Signs He Is A Real Man

Comfortability with himself

Real men are comfortable and confident with themselves. Being comfortable in your own skin is a very attractive quality to both sexes. However, confidence is a particularly desirable trait that a woman looks for in a man. If he is comfortable with himself and accepts and doesn’t hide his own flaws then this is a good sign. A way to tell this is if he is not afraid, shy or embarrassed to make fun of himself from time to time and does not take offense if you or someone else makes fun of him in jest and in a friendly way now and again.

Being comfortable with himself is a great quality for many reasons and will influence your whole relationship on many levels, including how you are when you talk intimately together.

He accepts you for who you are

A mature man will accept his partner for who they are and not try to change them. He will recognize all the wonderful qualities about you and overlook anything that is perhaps not your best quality. If he is also really into you then any flaw that you may have (let’s face it, no one’s perfect and we all have a few flaws), then he will likely view these as an endearing trait or quality about you. LifeHack has an interesting article on what mature men don’t do, here.

Clearly defined goals for his life

Mature guys know where they are going in life and have clearly defined goals and what they want to achieve in their work, personal and romantic life. Having a strong sense of who they are in the world and where they are going is a clear sign of maturity.

He encourages you to do better in your life

A mature man will be proud of you and stand behind you and your dreams and will be an asset to you achieving your goals in life. He will encourage you to move forward and bring out the best in you in every situation. Of course, we all have our down days, but when you have yours he will be there to pick you up and get you re-focused.

Here is a great video form Sexy Confidence to give you some more helpful tips and insights to know if you’re dating a man or a boy.

For further reading, has some great tips on essential qualities you need to have in a long-term, loving relationship.

Should You Date One Of Your Friends?

a couple in love with each otherMany people ask us, should they start dating their friends. The simple answer is, it depends. You see, this is a complex topic with many opinions as there are both for and against arguments for dating a friend. If you are seriously thinking of going down this route then you need to think long and hard about what you want from it, if you viably see it working out between the two of you and the possible consequences if it doesn’t work out.

When you first start testing the waters with a friend to see if they may also be a good lover and possibly life partner for you, it can be kind of awkward at first. Flirting is often the most natural way to go. See our article here on our top tips and the best ways to flirt.

Is This A Good Idea?

Reasons For

In many cases it has worked out for couples who are now in long-term healthy relationships who first started off as friends. However, there are also numerous people who this scenario didn’t work out for. Here are some reasons why it can work out well;

  • They already know you well
  • They’ve likely already seen you at your worst
  • You don’t have to go through all that awkward ‘putting your best behavior hat on’ for the first few months of the relationship
  • You (probably) already know their family
  • They (probably) already know your family

Reasons Against

  • The romance and getting physical stage might be awkward
  • They may already feel life they are a brother or sister because they know you so well
  • Crossing the line into intimacy may not be what you imagined with them
  • It may not work out and consequently ruin or alter an otherwise good friendship

You see, there are several important points to consider so you must think long and hard. It can also be helpful in this situation to ask some of your friends who know the both of you for their opinion as they may be able to provide a non-bias opinion. However, if your feelings are strong enough then maybe you both really do need to be exploring things, after all, if you don’t try you may always wonder!

Here are a few videos that might help you with your decision:

From Friends To Dating – Our Story

How To Turn A Friendship Into A Relationship

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